Launch of Webtoon Translation Business With Kakao piccoma Corp.


Flitto Inc. (Head Quarters: South Korea, CEO: Simon Lee, hereinafter “Flitto”), a provider of translation and language data platform businesses, has signed a basic agreement with Kakao piccoma Corp. (Head Quarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Jae-yong Kim), an operator of the electronic comic and novel service “Piccoma.”

Through a partnership with Kakao piccoma Corp., Flitto will localize webtoons from Korea in a wide variety of genres.

We will reflect the culture and current trends among local readers to ensure that the Webtoons are easily understood in a tone and manner appropriate to the work.

Moreover, we provide all the services necessary for localization, from multilingual translation to pristine lettering. Kakao piccoma Corp. is a rapidly growing IT company whose snack culture content platform “Piccoma” has been crowned the No.1 manga app both domestically and globally since July 2020 of last year to the present.

Meanwhile, “Webtoon” is a vertical scrolling digital comic originating from South Korea, a burgeoning global market that has been touted as one of the trends in the comics industry by 2022.

Flitto Inc. began operating its translation service in 2018 and has since then provided translation services to renowned Korean entertainment production companies such as JYP Entertainment and SM Entertainment, both of which are highly popular in Japan, as well as CJE&M, the No.1 content company in all of Asia, among a host of other clients including numerous entertainment companies, popular YouTube channels, and media outlets to name a few. Recently, we have expanded our business in the field of content translation with the launch of a B2C translation service geared toward individual creators, while simultaneously providing services that suit the needs of both corporate and individual clients, as well as translation services for the growing Webtoon business in Korea.

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