Enhancing Seminar Efficiency through the Implementation of AI Simultaneous Interpretation Service ‘Flitto Live Translation’


We are pleased to announce that our ‘Live Translation’ service was implemented at the Japan Energy Summit 2024 held at Tokyo Big Sight, in collaboration with dmg events (Headquarters: UAE) and Pivot Tokyo Corporation (Headquarters: Shibuya, Tokyo).

◯Case Summary

Usage of the service at the seminar venue.

◯Challenges and Background

  • While we aim to reduce interpreting costs, the absence of interpreters makes it difficult to comprehend the content.
  • In addition to language adaptation for the host country, attendees wish to understand the content in their native languages.
  • To ensure nothing is missed, visual confirmation of the spoken content is also desired.
  • Participants need time to take notes.
  • Without knowing the speaker’s language in advance, it is challenging to prepare and secure interpreters.


  • The original speech and its translations can be viewed in real-time on the installed monitors.
  • Individuals can verify the content of the speech in their native languages in real-time on their personal devices.
  • Utilizing the text-to-speech feature on their devices, participants can listen to the speech in their headphones as if it were being conducted in their native language.
  • As the speech is transcribed into text, participants can review the content, which allows time for note-taking.

<Flitto Live Translation >

leverages advanced deep learning technologies for speech recognition and AI translation, enabling the conversion of the presenter’s spoken words into text and providing high-quality translations to participants in real-time. Participants can also scan a QR code using their mobile devices and select their preferred language to see the presenter’s speech translated into their chosen language in real-time on their device, offering a convenient service that eliminates the need for translation hardware. Currently, it supports 38 languages including Korean, English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Thai, Vietnamese, Malay, Indonesian, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, and French. It offers flexible modes such as one-to-many conference mode and many-to-many conference mode, tailored to suit the specific needs of the venue.

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