Digital Transformation Strategy of “THINKR,” a creative group seeking to enhance their operational efficiency through the implementation of FlittoENT.


Case summary

◯Background of the Challenges

  • Requesting translation via email is cumbersome, and attaching lyric data or music videos to emails raises security concerns.
  • There is a lot of back-and-forth communication between the parties involved, which is time-consuming.
  • Emails may accidentally get mixed up with other emails, resulting in missed confirmations of delivery communications.
  • Not knowing the status of deliveries.
  • In the event that the person in charge changes, it is not possible to trace the content of the email exchanges or past projects.

Dashboard screen inside ENT


  • It is reassuring to be able to exchange files on the company’s own Flitto ENT domain, and thus eliminating any concerns about security.
  • When requesting translations, instructions for the desired delivery date, language pair selection, and file attachment are available on a single screen, allowing for a consolidated request of all the necessary information.
  • No additional communication is required for any missing information etc., making it possible to request translations efficiently.
  • The tool is equipped with a chat function, enabling the completion of projects entirely within the tool, thereby eliminating the possibility of missed confirmations.
  • The status of translation requests can be monitored on the tool, even if multiple people or departments are involved in the project.
  • Even in the event of a change in the person in charge of the project, past projects can be viewed on the tool, thus improving efficiency by being able to check the estimated cost and the turnaround time of the project in advance.

Flitto ENT (Flitto Enterprise) is a customer specific all-in-one translation request and management platform for enterprises and institutions with on-going projects. By using individual URLs, access restrictions for non-related parties have been implemented to enhance security. Why not try managing your important projects safely and efficiently with Flitto ENT? You can handle everything from translation requests to settlement management.

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