Work place



"Freedom & Responsibility"
Flitto employs a hybrid of remote and on-site work.

Flitto's office is a 5-minute walk from the West Exit of Ebisu Station. As part of Flitto's strategy to adapt to the new era of flexible work, we have adopted a combination of remote and on-site work, based on our values of "Freedom & Responsibility", whereby each department operates both remotely and in the office. Under the premise that results are what we strive for, we have a system that allows employees to freely choose the environment in which they are most likely to achieve the results they are after. Since each department plays a different role, has separate peak seasons, and follows a different workflow, authority is delegated to department managers to maximize the performance of each employee. In addition, to provide an environment in which employees can work effectively when they arrive at the office, we provide offices that are carefully designed in terms of location, interior design, desks, chairs, free space, and operational framework.


Flitto's Symbolic Tree

The conspicuously placed tree is arranged in such a way that it spreads out across the ceiling, conveying the message of organizational development and the sprouting of independent, self-supporting organizations. Rather than a traditional pyramidal organization structure with strong opinions at the top, we aim for each department to be independent and autonomous, with authority delegated to each department in order for them to mature and flourish in their own unique ways.

Working hours


The emphasis is on performance, not time

The working style of each member varies by the level of achievement per department. Under the concept that freedom is the ultimate goal in the pursuit for high performance, self-discipline is all the more important because of this freedom, and respective tasks should be complemented by teamwork. Time is finite. We provide an environment suited to each individual's career goals and aspirations.


Efficiency through AI

With the efficiency gains of AI, our organization is finding value in creative work. Online tools are now abundant in the world, and there are plenty of areas where efficiency can be improved by revisiting the task at hand. We encourage our employees to spend their time thinking about the real needs of our clients as well as the core aspects in developing our organization, so that meaningful work can be accomplished without spending excessive time on the daily grind. By constantly structuring and systematizing processes to enhance reproducibility and efficiency, we provide an environment in which the core of the organization can engage in creative work.

Job-Based Employment


By distinguishing between the various departments and their respective roles, we firmly define what we are supposed to do.

Rather than exposing our employees to multiple roles as a career-track position, we expect each individual to work with a sense of professionalism in his or her own specialized field of work. We aim to create an organization that promotes mutual trust through the accomplishment of individual goals, with a clear sense of responsibility as a professional.


Elimination of Internal Politics

We encourage our employees to turn their attention towards the outside world and society, rather than internally. Have you ever found yourself working solely for the internal benefit of the company? Are you caught up in the time it takes to persuade your colleagues? A company is merely a team, a group of people that complement each other. If internal politics are at work, at some point the rate at which you drive the business forward will decline. There is no future for an organization that has lost its momentum, which is one of the greatest advantages associated with the venture mindset. Internal politics can also impede growth. Many organizations struggle to move forward due to a lack of transparency, often because employees are reluctant to speak up and express their opinions. By eliminating internal politics, we believe that employees are in a position to focus on the issues that they really need to address, such as those of external business partners and society at large.