A benefits package to maximize individual performance

As part of our benefits program, we are dedicated to creating an environment in which all of our employees can perform at their optimum. We offer a variety of benefits to help create an environment that accommodates our employees' individual work styles, to subsidize cash, and to revitalize communication.

Work Style Support

Flexible Working Hours
We value the private schedules of our employees around workdays, embracing flexibility by adjusting work hours based on each individual's lifestyle.
Implementation of Shortened Working Hours
Employees may request to shorten their fixed working hours to work around their families and lifestyles. Regular full-time employees are also expected to cooperate with those who work shorter hours, with utmost respect for their lifestyles.
Workation System
Our policy is to permit employees, in principle, to not commute to work on weekdays that fall between GW and other national national holidays, thereby freeing up consecutive days to spend time with family and friends. During these days, employees are prohibited from performing in-house work, and as a general rule, work is limited to handling business with clients, thus achieving a work-life balance in each department.
Remote Work
Employees who live in rural areas or overseas are eligible to work on a remote basis.
Overtime Pay (Excess Hours))
In principle, employees are expected to work with no overtime. However, if overtime work is unavoidable due to periods of peak demand or emergency situations, employees will be compensated for overtime work in accordance with Japanese legal requirements.
Consecutive Leave System
This system promotes the use of consecutive paid leave. We strive to increase the annual paid leave rate through effective teamwork among employees.

Benefits package

For millennials, we offer a variety of discount benefits available from a selection of 1,000 categories, including gyms, beauty salons, dining, and more.
Meal Allowances
Regardless of whether or not employees commute to the office, we provide monetary support for meals consumed during each individual's working hours.
Language Study Systems
For employees who have been a part of our company for at least 1 and a half years, we grant a maximum of 500,000 yen per person for study expenses.
Payment of Commuter Pass Fees
In addition to the regular base salary, employees will each be provided with a 6-month commuter pass allowance. Employees may commute to work at any time, even when paired with remote work.


Full Coverage of Major Social Insurance Programs
Social security such as employment insurance, workers' compensation, health insurance, and employee pension are provided.
Rental of PCs and Monitors
We provide the necessary equipment to guarantee optimal performance, mainly based on Apple computers and peripherals.
No dress code or restrictions on hair style and color.
We value the individuality of our employees. We welcome people from diverse cultures and backgrounds to come together and spark a lot of creativity.