Recruiting Manga Typesetters

〈Localization Department〉Manga Typesetter

◆Number of Positions: 7-8

◆Compensation: Based on assessment and experience

◆Contract Type: Contracted Work


・You possess excellent skills in Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator

・You have the ability to hand-draw designs

・You have a good sense of design

・You are meticulous and honest

◆Preferred Skills:

・You majored in Comic Creation, Animation, Visual Design, or other related fields

・You have abundant experience in Web Platform Services, Web Comic Publishing, and Editorial Agencies

・You have a passion for content creation

・You are multilingual

・You are a Web Manga enthusiast

Job Description

◆Role Responsibilities:

・Web Manga Typesetting & Scroll Editing

(Work involves inserting translated dialogues and sound effects into web comics, editing, and integrating)

・Reviewing language pair of Web Comic Typesetting: Korean to English, Japanese, etc. Web Manga Genres: Romance, Historical Drama, Adult, Action

・Interview Process

A trial test for one episode Following successful test completion, an interview will be conducted

(to determine work style, schedule, compensation, and working hours)

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