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Business in the Entertainment Overseas Localization Division

〈Localization Division〉Sales

◆Number of Positions: 1-2

◆Compensation: Based on assessment and experience

◆Contract Type: Employee

(Possibility of becoming a full-time employee after a six-month probationary period as a contract employee)

◆Eligibility: [Applicants]

・You have more than 2 years of sales experience

◆Essential Requirements:

・You possess the ability to communicate effectively with internal and external members

・You have a sense of responsibility

・You are proactive and can explore innovative ideas

・You are able to work in a flexible manner

・You have integrity and motivation

◆Preferred Skills:

・You are able to speak English, Korean, or Chinese

・You have prior experience in marketing

・You have prior experience in sales planning

Job Description

◆Job Description:

Flitto Japan Inc. is the Japanese subsidiary of Flitto Inc. (headquartered in South Korea, listed on KOSDAK). We operate the Flitto platform hosting 10.3 million users and approximately 3 million translators in 173 countries around the world, and we are currently engaged in two main areas: Data Business and Translation Business. As part of the translation business, we collaborate with major entertainment agencies and manga platforms to deliver the full appeal of content to the world. By breaking down language barriers, Flitto aims to create a world where everyone in the world has equal opportunities. We invite you to join us in breaking down the language barrier in “content” and delivering the “joys” of Japan to people all over the world. Flitto is looking for people who are willing to grow with the company and the industry!

◆Main Duties:

You will be responsible for sales and marketing tasks in the Overseas Localization Division. The main focus of localization is entertainment content, including web manga translation/localization and video subtitle/song lyric translation/localization.

・Facilitate effective communication and handle inquiries from major entertainment companies, such as music agencies and comic distribution companies.

・Project planning and budget management

・Acquisition of new clients

・Sales planning, marketing operations, KPI development

・Knowledge building, training, etc.

◆Perfect For:

・Those who want to grow together with a foreign venture company

・Those who love Manga and Idols

・Those who are interested in South Korean entertainment content.

・Those who are curious and eager to take on new challenges

・Those who can think and act on their own, even when working fully remotely

Work Location

Ebisu Office + Remote Work

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